Making a difference, one person at a time – public servant to not-for-profit CEO

Mechelle Moore was climbing the public sector professional ladder when she discovered a passion for helping women and children at risk.

Today, Mechelle is the CEO of an Australian not-for-profit organisation and has a fierce dedication to eliminating trafficking, sexual exploitation and the physical abuse of men, women and children.

So how does a public servant end up on the Thai-Myanmar border deep in heartbreaking, life-changing and personally rewarding work every day?

Mechelle shares how her life took a dramatic turn, how her public service career contributed to her success and how doing a complete 180 in your career is possible.

Wondering what it takes to make a difference, what the public sector gives you and what you might do with what you learn? Mechelle has insight and wisdom that will inspire you.

Note that some people might find the content and discussion in this session emotionally challenging. Both Mechelle and Kiah are endeavouring to create a space where we can engage bravely, empathetically and thoughtfully with difficult content.

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