Managing Government Risk in the Public Sector

About the Workshop

Government has a profound impact, positive and negative, on the operations and activity of all organisations. While no one can anticipate every outcome of future government decisions, understanding how and where changes in policy could impact an organisation is possible – and key to preparing your organisation with the right information and strategy to respond.

Public sector agencies are no different. Government risk for public sector bodies can manifest in obvious issues such as a Cabinet reshuffle removing key Ministerial sponsor for a reform agenda or emerging political policy crises that impact current thinking or advanced plans. Less obvious government risk issues include regulatory moves in one part of government impacting on an agency or a lack of visibility with key stakeholders impacting on the opportunity for reform.

GovernmentRisk360® provides the methodology to separate and define government risk across six categories with associated indicators to provide analysis on the operating environment of an organisation, project or issue in an Australian context. The methodology considers both external risks, where government decisions impact on an organisation, and internal risks, where the actions of an organisation change their relationship with government.

This workshop will demonstrate how to move beyond a sporadic approach to managing risks arising from government decisions, to assessing these in a methodical way that systematically maps your risk profile so that it can be effectively integrated into strategic planning, risk management and other functions and tracked over time.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for those working in the public sector, exploring the tensions between the strict and appropriate apolitical nature of the public sector, while working in an inherently political environment. This workshop will bring you up to speed in understanding the impacts of changing government decisions, policies and politics, and how this can affect your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing an understanding of how government decision making is creating uncertainty to your organisation through the lens of political, regulatory, compliance, operational, reputational and opportunity risk.
  • Understanding how to identify risks with respect to government decision making in the external environment of your organisation
  • Identify opportunities within your role to support your organisation in undertaking government engagement activities by recognising risks and opportunities in the external environment to managing relationships across government.

Delivery Mode

This workshop will be held online, but attendees are expected to come prepared to engage with the workshop content including opportunities to share a broad range of experiences, ask questions and contribute to discussion with peers. The link to access the workshop will be made available one week prior to the workshop.

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