Mandarin Talks: Afghanistan today, after 20 years of foreign policy

Perspectives on what went wrong.

The Mandarin‘s Chris Johnson will be joined by Virginia Haussegger, Journalist, writer and passionate women’s advocate, Ian McPhedran, Australian author and former defence writer, and Professor Amin Saikal AM FASSA, Adjunct Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Western Australia, former Director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies and Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University.

They will discuss the foreign policy roles played by Australia, the United States of America and others in relation to Afghanistan over the past two decades. It has been 20 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks on America.

The response was decisive, but was it right? Many deaths later, the Taliban are back in charge and things look bleak. Where did it go wrong and what new policies should now be considered?

What would you like to ask about Australia’s contribution to Afghanistan over the past 20 years and the outlook for its future under Taliban rule?

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