National Policy Officer Summit 2019

National Policy Officers Summit is a platform to bring together all levels of government to overcome challenges in the contemporary policy environment. It provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to confront and overcome contemporary policy challenges.

Learn cutting-edge approaches to policy-making to master complex policy problems, legitimise public policy through co-design and understand policy making in the contemporary political environment.

We believe you hold the power to enhance policy results. If you become more effective, Australia’s economic and social future benefits.

You can only achieve this when you tackle complex policy problems head on, master co-design and effectively navigate the political environment.

That’s the purpose of National Policy Officers Summit. To share the skills of Australia’s leading policy experts so you can harness complexity to optimise the public policy environment.

Attend the National Policy Officer Summit 2018 to learn how Roger Bradbury, Professor of Complex Systems Science from the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, discuss how a system-wide, whole-of-government approach to policy making can overcome complex policy problems.

Also attend to hear Andrew Wilkinson, Policy Director at IP Australia, discuss how complementing traditional policy tools with innovative modern tools, helps overcome complex policy issues.

You can solve the nations most pressing public policy issues.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel: 1 Binara St, Canberra ACT 2601