Free Webinar: Effective Leadership: Navigating Difficult Conversations

When we look at 360 data, time and again factors such as “challenge poor performance”, “give appropriate feedback” and “motivate others and improve morale” present as some of the key development opportunities for leaders. The question the becomes, why are these opportunities and why are they so common in leaders?

While leaders are in the best position to influence and develop their talent, they may often avoid providing feedback for small issues, leading to the need to have more formal performance management conversations.

In this webinar, we will provide a structured approach to addressing both types of these conversations.

First, we will introduce a model to ensure that leaders don’t avoid having the small feedback conversations, the ones that can not only correct issues in a timely manner but can also motivate people to continue positive actions. These conversations should be higher in frequency but lower in terms of their formality – we call these “Just in Time Feedback”.

We will then look at an approach to tackle the more challenging situations where there is much more at risk, there may be underperformance to be addressed, heightened feeling to be managed or even jobs to be lost. These conversations should be much lower in their frequency but higher in terms of formality – we call these the “Difficult Conversations”.

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