AI in government – Is the NZ journey relevant?

Exclusive breakfast event

Government departments and agencies around the world are increasingly using modern tools and solutions to optimise their decision making by drawing out insights and driving actions.

New approaches using advanced analytics or artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline or automate high frequency, low risk decisions are enabling managers to focus their expertise on higher risk decisions.

Using data and information not only improves the quality of decision making but also reduces the cost of services by automating traditional, manual bureaucratic processes. This is especially so in fast moving operational environments such as human services, public safety and security agencies where leaders are pressed to find a better way to deal with the high volume of decisions.

To help you better understand how to leverage AI, we are hosting a free breakfast briefing sponsored by SAS with The Mandarin’s Public Sector Director, Peter Debus and government analytics expert, James Mansell.

Spaces are limited and we are sure to fill up fast, so reserve a spot ASAP so you don’t miss out.

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