Postgraduate studies in regulation and governance at ANU RegNet

Keen to pursue a career in regulation? Interested in reskilling and upskilling? Want to connect with world-class researchers on contemporary thinking on regulation and governance?

For the last 20 years, the ANU School of Regulation and Governance (RegNet)’s interdisciplinary scholars have focused on improving the regulation and governance of major social, justice, environmental, economic and health issues. RegNet offers a suite of postgraduate programs designed for professionals who are engaged in designing, implementing or enforcing regulatory systems within Australia, Asia or the Pacific, as well as those seeking to enter the field of professional regulation.

The Graduate Certificate of Regulation and Governance (CREGO) prepares students to understand and apply key Australian and international ideas and approaches to effective regulation. The program gives students the opportunity to connect with current regulatory thinking and the experiments in regulatory governance through real world examples that has been carried out throughout Australia and the region.

The Graduate Certificate in Crime and Regulation (CCRE) applies established regulatory insights and an evidence-informed approach to examine and understand these new governance challenges. The compulsory courses provide students with a solid foundation in the concepts, processes, institutions and practices of criminology and regulation, while the elective courses allow students to develop their methodological skills and apply these concepts to a range of issues and domains related to compliance, restorative justice and governance.

The Master of Regulation and Governance (MREGG) equips students and their organisations with the knowledge and skills to navigate environments where complexity, catastrophic risk, and transformative technologies are reshaping the ways in which we govern and regulate. Graduates will be working in – or will join – government or private sector organisations charged with designing and applying regulatory policy solutions to pressing social problems, often in partnership with diverse stakeholders. (While the MREGG is not available for mid-year applications, interested students can commence in the CREGO with the ability to transfer). 

Applications close 30 June 2022
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