Mandarin event: a panel discussion on privacy and consent – watch the video now

The need to win the trust of citizens and consumers over the use of their data is critical to the transition of the Australian economy to the next phase of industrial development. How do we demonstrate that data aggregation has widespread benefits for citizens and consumers — and can empower a wide suite of personalised and customised services?

Businesses and governments need to be more clear and transparent about what they are doing with personal data. They also need to be comprehensive in identifying and explaining privacy protocols and procedures, which needs to be wordy, legalistic and complex. These two calls for improvement can tug against each other and can be hard to resolve.

Facilitated by Harley Dennett, Editor of The Mandarin, this panel discussion deep dives into this complex and wicked problem.

Panel of speakers:

  • Yvonne Cunnane, Associate General Counsel on Data Protection, Facebook
  • Dr Sascha Callaghan, Lawyer – Psychological Rights to Privacy
  • Miguel Carrasco, Managing Director at BCG

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