Project and Program Management Symposium 2018

Project and Program Management Symposium 2018

Defence Projects and National Infrastructure – Failure Is Not an Option

Symposium: Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 August

Workshop and Masterclass: Thursday 16 August

Venue: The Canberra Rex Hotel

Through its history, Australia has been built on projects like the original Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme, national highways and railroads, and Defence projects worth billions of dollars.

Effective project management has been critical to our success as a nation and this is just as important today.

The annual Project and Program Management Symposium provides a forum that brings together project management people to share knowledge and improve the governance and controls skill sets available to deliver successful project
outcomes for the nation.

A highlight of the symposium is its access to thought leaders from the USA and Europe. Each year, selected speakers from overseas are brought to the symposium to share knowledge and provide an international perspective on project and portfolio management.

The symposium has a multi-strand program that allows focus across three areas: introductory education, practitioner level knowledge or academic presentations / papers. Accordingly there is value for junior staff in the early stages of a project management career, for the experienced professional looking to catch up on recent developments, and the academic
seeking the intellectual stimulation that comes from interacting with peers.

More than anything else, the symposium is about connection. This is perhaps the only symposium that actively engages practitioners with the academic community. It fosters a strong defence and public sector attendance with industry and with project governance and controls specialists. And it doesn’t matter which project management professional body you belong to – this symposium is non-tribal from the opening address through to conclusion – it truly is about sharing knowledge and improving project outcomes.

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Canberra Rex Hotel