Public Engagement Course Online for Managers

Public sector organisations at all levels are required to lead public engagement processes for their communities and stakeholders and in recent years, the practice has become more specialised and sophisticated. This public engagement course online is the opportunity for managers and executives to explore the aspects of public engagement that are critical to them in their roles. This course utilises best practice research and evidence as well as existing knowledge and experiences of participants, ensuring the course is relevant and applicable. Facilitated through an interactive video link, participants will connect to the video link using Zoom (available free) and a reliable internet connection is required. There will also be the opportunity for questions and discussions during the live zoom video sessions and if you have time and wish to extend yourself, relevant additional readings will be recommended.

At the completion of this course online you should be able to:

  • Understand the critical aspects of a public engagement processes.
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities in public engagement.
  • Critically reflect on how best to support your organisation to deliver high quality public engagement.


Event date:

Session one – Mon 6 Jul, 2020 (Self-paced)
Session two – Mon 13 Jul, 2020 (9am – 10:30am)
Session three – Mon 20 Jul, 2020 (9am – 10:30am)
Session four – Mon 27 Jul, 2020 (9am – 10:30am)


Delivered Online