Public Sector Leaders Colloquium – Emerging

Public service is a fraught endeavour. There are no clear solutions to the complex and intractable issues the public sector is tasked with managing. Rising inequality, shifting demographics, a changing economy, global uncertainty and the impacts of climate change make every challenge a wicked problem. And that’s before fractious politics, limited resources and unblinking public scrutiny are factored in. The pressure to provide just outcomes is immense.” – Vanessa Pigrum, CEO, Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership.

Fundamentally transform your approach to leadership.

The online Public Sector Leaders Colloquia are 24 x 60 minute online sessions over 6 days. Sessions are immersive, live conversations with two expert moderators, capped at 20 participants. Designed specifically for the Australian Public Service at all levels – state, federal and local, the programs allow emerging government professionals from around the country to come together to strengthen their own leadership capacity, and explore ethical leadership practices within the public sector ecosystem.

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