Public Sector Summit – Navigating Uncertainty

Does the disruption caused by COVID-19 hold the key to new opportunities, delivery models and different ways of working?

COVID-19 caused many of us to adapt and acquire different ways of thinking about current and emerging problems. However, to address ongoing uncertainty, the public sector may need to shift away from prior norms, consider different governance, funding models and processes to support evolutionary change.

The 2021 Public Sector Summit will explore these challenges and we invite you to join us to debate and develop new insights that will help public sector professionals navigate these complex issues and consider:

  • What are the opportunities for the Public Sector?
  • What are the new ways of delivering services to better meet community needs and expectations?
  • How can leaders and managers best lead an effective hybrid workforce or are there better alternatives?

Event contact:

IPAA Victoria
(03) 9653 2000


Hybrid Delivery / in-person and online