Raising the Citizens’ Voice

New training offering

democracyCo is offering a new training program, Raising the Citizens’ Voice, to support government in developing and communicating new policy directions or programs in an environment where the community is increasingly polarised and distrusting.

Drawing on learnings from case studies, Raising the Citizens’ Voice, explores the challenges faced in developing and communicating policy in this new environment and how they can be overcome to help government develop evidence-based policy that ‘sticks’.

The course focuses on how governments can better connect to every day Australians and not just the loud voices. It also explores ways of building an informed community; enabling a more meaningful discussion.

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Who should do this training?

  • Senior policy and communications staff
  • Political advisors

Who are your trainers?

At democracyCo we provide bespoke engagement services designed to meet the objectives of government.

We have run the largest engagement processes on the most polarising policy issues facing Australia. From sentencing laws to nuclear waste storage we have a wealth of experience in what works and what doesn’t in engaging communities and stakeholders.

We draw on our practical experience as well as our experience working in government to deliver a training program that is grounded in what works.

We have conducted training for Australian public servants for a decade, and also now run this training for the Singaporean public service.

“I thought she [Emily] was fantastic, she demonstrated such positive, creative, engaging facilitation herself. She was living it. I love how practical it was. She had us out of our seats, learning by doing, and she was keeping the energy up, and continually drawing on our experiences. It was never about the facilitator or death by Powerpoint”.

– Better Together training participant

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: $2,000 + GST



Adelaide CBD - venue TBC