Regulating workplace culture: ANZSOG regulators forum 2018

If the definition of workplace culture is how staff behave when no one is looking, 2018 may well go down in regulatory history as the year we collectively started looking – and were scandalised by what we found.

Most spectacularly in the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry but equally true in many other areas from charities to sporting clubs to franchise chains and from health services to hospitality, there are some toxic cultures operating in Australian organisations.

What does all this mean for Australian regulators?

The 2018 annual regulators forum will help us answer some key questions when it comes to workplace culture: Can we prevent bad conduct and deviant cultures? Can we detect it from the outside? Are internal regulators, like HR, audit and procurement, any more successful than external regulators at finding out what’s really going on and doing something about it? Can we regulate toxic cultures through enforcement and prosecution and are there also positive tools at our disposal, from accreditation to incentives to building error management/safety cultures?

The fifth annual regulators forum, to be held at Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square on Thursday 6 December, will address these questions with the help of practising regulators from across Australia.

The keynote speaker will be Dr Femke de Vries, Special Professor of Regulatory Enforcement at the University of Groningen and former Secretary-Director at DNB, the central bank of the Netherlands. Dr de Vries and her colleagues are well ahead of the game when it comes to keeping their fingers on the pulse of culture and conduct at regulated financial entities. In addition, the day will offer Interactive and engaging panel sessions to help us better understand the drivers and challenges of transforming cultures for the good.

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