Smart Cities Summit 2019

Smart Cities Summit 2019 will make sure you don’t go through this transformative journey alone.

It is a platform to learn from Australian and international leaders in the smart cities space. Interactive case studies will give you practical tools to develop a holistic strategy, gain community-wide buy-in and implement scalable digital infrastructures.

We believe you have the power to make your city the most livable in the world.

When you have the skills to make cities sustainable, prosperous and innovative, you can surpass your community’s needs and expectations. That’s the purpose for Smart Cities Summit 2019.

To empower you with data-driven digital approaches that innovate your services and ensures excellence in the digital-age.

Learn how to

  • Achieve whole-of-city integration through holistic strategy development
  • Enrich citizen experiences by meeting community needs
  • Drive buy-in through community engagement in smart cities development
  • Reform service delivery and city operations through use of real-time data
  • Strengthen local economies by becoming an innovation hub
  • Ensure smart city success through collaboration between cities, government and private sector

Key speakers include:

  • Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development, City of San Diego, USA
  • Paul Copping, CIO, Digital Greenwich, Royal Borough of Greenwich, UK
  • Scott Waters, CEO, City of Darwin, NT
  • Arthur Kyron, CEO, City of Canning, WA
  • Gary McGregor, Director Western Sydney Rail, Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
  • Matt Collins, General Manager, Cities Transformation Taskforce, Queensland Treasury

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The Grace Hotel: 77 York St, Sydney NSW 2000