Strategic Planning Short Course

Strategic planning contributes to the sustainable functioning of sectors and organisations, while considering a range of contexts and horizon scans. It sets appropriate goals and outcomes, outlines the actions required to move towards these goals, and sets appropriate measures that assess strategic progress. This strategic planning course takes a multidisciplinary approach that recognises the many different strands and approaches to strategic planning. It explores the origins of strategic planning, the context it operates within, legislative and organisational frameworks, and the factors that support successful implementation of strategy.

This strategic planning course will be delivered online, via a live video link. Two, three-hour online sessions will be delivered each day with participants able to access online activities and readings in the UTS Learning Management System Canvas, to supplement these sessions.

At the end of this strategic planning course, participants will be able to;

  • Conceptualise policy making as a framework for describing, analysing and addressing key social, political and economic issues across a variety of policy contexts.
  • Identify supra-national pressures that act on policy makers and influence policy making at the national and sectoral levels.
  • Categorise the grounds upon and issues against which different national governments confront interrelated related policy challenges and issues in diverse ways.

Event date:

29-31 July 2020 (Block 1) and

27-28 August 2020 (Block 2)


Delivered Online