#TechDiversity Awards and Gala

Join us in celebrating and elevating #TechDiversity initiatives that are making a difference.

Where diversity is not just a word, but real action is being taken.

This is our opportunity to recognise 2019 #TechDiversity Award recipients and learn with like-minded individuals who care about supporting diversity from a positive perspective.

The #TechDiversity Awards were created in 2015 in Melbourne to inspire tech-based organisations to implement long-lasting change around diversity, based on the examples set by others.

The goal is for #TechDiversity leaders to inspire and educate – to build momentum for the future.

#TechDiversity supports the increased participation of under-represented groups within the digital economy through conversation, collaboration and action. These under-represented groups embrace women, people with a disability, people who recognise themselves as LGBTQI, Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders, people of colour, older people, and those who may face discrimination around their religious beliefs.

In its third year, the #TechDiversity Awards is now fulfilling its ambition as the key Australian platform to showcase diversity and inclusion within the tech sector.

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