The Future of Regulation Conference

“We see the regulator of 2030 moving as fast as – or faster than – those they regulate.”

The Regulator of 2030: Regulating our Digital Future


The Future of Regulation Conference will focus on contemporary emerging technologies and the future of regulation – both how we ought to regulate these technologies and how technologies can enable us to regulate better. Hosted by the Centre for Policy Futures, The University of Queensland and the Public Risk Management Institute, Canada, the conference will explore three inter-related themes:

1. Underlying principles, frameworks and ethics to inform regulation

The ethical and societal implications of emerging technologies will be considered, with a focus on the principles and frameworks that regulators, public servants and private sector end users can utilise most effectivel

2. Use of new and emerging technology in regulation

The incorporation of new and emerging technologies by both firms and regulators will be discussed, to increase regulatory effectiveness and improve data management for more effective monitoring.

3. ‘Fit-for-purpose’ public administration of regulation for the 21st century

The conference will explore best practice approaches to the regulation of technology and ask how governments could change their practices to better regulate emerging technologies.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mr Daniel Trnka, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD
  • Mr Prasanna Lal Das, Lead Knowledge Management Officer, World Bank
  • Professor Christopher Hodges, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford
  • Ms Mary Cavar, Melbourne Executive Manager, Australian Productivity Commission
  • Ms Pauline Vamos, Non-Executive Director, Mercer Superannuation, the Banking and Finance Oath, and Interaction Disability Services
  • Mr Srikanth Mangalam, Public Risk Management Institute, Canada

Who should attend?

Meeting the challenge of emerging technologies requires strong collaboration and knowledge sharing for all stakeholders from regulators to private sector end users. The conference will provide learning opportunities across these stakeholder groups.

The Conference is an important event for public sector and private stakeholders, so register early to avoid disappointment.


Registration: $880 (inc. GST) including conference dinner. Reduced registration of $300 (inc. GST) for eligible PhD students.

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: Registration: $880 (inc. GST) including conference dinner. Reduced registration of $300 (inc. GST) for eligible PhD students.


The University of Queensland, Brisbane