ANZSOG's the modern regulator

Regulators grappling with the challenges of effective risk-control will learn about developments in regulatory strategy at a practical workshop conducted by Professor Malcolm Sparrow – expert on regulatory and enforcement strategy, security and risk control.

Professor Sparrow, from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, will guide participants through contemporary developments in risk-based regulation, and examine what ‘risk-based’ practice entails in enforcement, regulation and compliance management.

“Citizens expect government to be vigilant in spotting threats, nimble in organising around them and skilful in tackling them–masters of the entire intervention toolkit,” Professor Sparrow says. “This is a core challenge for managers in social regulation, compliance management, law enforcement and security roles.”

This workshop will be valuable for mid and senior-level managers in law enforcement, social regulation, security, intelligence and other risk-control roles in government.

Participants will be better equipped to design regulatory strategies informed by recent developments in the field, and better able to match different classes of risk with different regulatory structures and strategies.

The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to clarify their own agencies’ needs and aspirations, and better understand opportunities to refine structures, strategies and tactics. It is designed for people who are keen to sample themes from ANZSOG’s week-long Managing regulation, enforcement and compliance program.


The Australian National University - Crawford School of Public Policy