The New World of Infrastructure: Risk and Reward

A two-day executive masterclass from The Mandarin

Objectives of the Program

Infrastructure initiatives — especially public ones — are large and complex, requiring robust leadership and management if they are to succeed. This two-day program will provide participants with the key skills and capabilities necessary to guide such projects, particularly focussed on risk and performance of such outcomes.

This Mandarin Masterclass aims to meet the substantial capability gaps across the public sector in delivering on the unprecedented demand for major infrastructure projects. With little general infrastructure education open to the whole sector, we aim to design and deliver programs that truly meet the needs of both public and private sectors to meet national infrastructure challenges. The masterclasses will be rigorous in their pedagogic design but flexible and contemporary enough to cater for participants’ needs as they develop and change.

What are the core topics you will cover in this masterclass?

Topics in this program will include the key elements required to create and develop successful infrastructure projects:

  • Business model formulation for infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Project management: the good, bad and ugly
  • Leadership and team effectiveness in infrastructure development: workshop
  • Stakeholder management in large public projects
  • Knowing and managing project risks
  • Innovation and new technology (includes digitalisation)
  • Project choice and design: decision criteria and benefit/cost/ risk analysis
  • Sustainable development in large projects
  • Creating and sustaining an excellent project delivery organisation.

Who should participate?

  • Leaders, managers and project officers from the public sector who interface with or manage infrastructure projects, from both central and delivery agencies.
  • Members of building, construction, transport, energy, urban planning and other companies who work to design and deliver infrastructure initiatives.

What are the benefits for participants and their employers?

Participants will benefit from improving their knowledge of and capability to contribute to infrastructure projects, as leaders and managers. This capability will come from a series of frameworks and tools delivered by Professor Samson, balanced with case studies presented by experienced professional practitioners. Resulting from this program, the quality of public infrastructure projects can be expected to increase through the improved capability that participants will be able to bring to bear through their influence.

About the program leader

Danny Samson is Professor of Management at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and Director of the Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development there. He has an honours degree in chemical engineering and a PhD in management from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Some of his areas of expertise include project management, managing large and risky projects, and decision-making under uncertain conditions.

His work history includes being an engineer at ICI Australia, appointment as a lecturer at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at the University of New South Wales, five years as an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Illinois and over 10 years as the Professor of Manufacturing Management at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne.

Prof Samson has done extensive work on business improvement, major projects and change management, advising Government Departments and CEOs of major companies and in numerous industries including financial services. He has been, for 9 years, a Board member of the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria, an insurer with $6 billion in assets. Some of his many publications include: Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship: Creating New Value (2016: Oxford University Press), Fundamentals of Management (2014: Cengage) and Implementing Strategic Change: Managing Processes and Interfaces to Develop a Highly Productive Organization  (2012: Kogan Page Publishers).

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: From $1750