The Secrets & Lies of Language: The New Rules of the Game

Secrets & Lies is WPP AUNZ’s major thought leadership platform. A ground-breaking research project, it has covered a fascinating range of aspects of the things we – individually and collectively – tell ourselves and others compared to what we really think. It’s examined personal secrets and lies, our national identity, the position of over 50’s in today’s society and humanity vs technology. Previous chapters of Secrets & Lies can be found here:

Now WPP is ready to launch Chapter 5, exploring language in all its forms.





Language is singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.

It creates culture, shapes business and invents folklore.

It also declares Purpose.

Language can also serve up a lie. And keep what should be obvious and simple, a secret.


Here at WPP, when we define language in 2021, we define it as all forms of language.

Be it visual language (physical), written language (words) and spoken language (audio).


The use of language is something we all think we already know.

But the ballgame has moved on, with tech changing the rules of this game forever.


Which means that the way we apply this knowledge must change.

In the same way we need to upgrade the software on our phones, we need to upgrade the knowledge we have in our heads about the rules of language.

Our collective education is out of date.

It’s time we all went back to school.


The Secrets & Lies of Language will explain these new rules and show how organisations can profit when applying them.


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