The State of Environmental Sustainability In Asia Pacific

Environmental responsibility and sustainability impact the survival and growth of every organisation, especially as climate risks become impossible to ignore. Positive climate action is critical for protecting the environment, but it’s also set to become a key competitive differentiator.

Across Asia Pacific, firms are taking very different approaches to environmental sustainability – what practices to implement and how aggressively to implement them. Government policies and positions are also wildly inconsistent, creating confusion and giving many firms cover to delay taking desperately needed action.

Join this live webinar with Forrester thought leaders to gain insight into;

  • How and why firms across APAC, and globally, are undertaking climate action
  • Explore how firms in APAC are improving their environmental sustainability performance
  • Learn how you can incorporate sustainability initiatives in your business strategy


  • Michael Barnes, VP & Research Director
  • Xiaofeng Wang, Principal Analyst
  • Zhi-Ying Barry, Senior Analyst