The three presentations every leader needs to master

For leaders, people managers, project and program managers in the VPS, local government and higher education.

Most people say presentation skills are critical for career success. Yet, many will do almost anything to avoid giving one.

While speaking on stage may not be needed, there are three types of presentations that every leader needs to master:

  1. Presenting Yourself – How are you presenting yourself to others everyday?
  2. Pitching Ideas – Can you pitch your ideas effectively in a meeting? Can you do this at a moment’s notice?
  3. Inspiring Change – Managers maintain, leaders change. Can you make change happen and keep people on side?

How well you present in each of these three ways will either boost or boil your career. It could make the difference between staying in middle management and reaching the C-suite.

Many presentation skills programs strangle growth through too much theory and not enough practice.

Yet, for any world-class performer – athlete, musician or dancer – it was practice that made them outstanding at what they do.

To become a better (more influential) presenter you need two things – confidence and competence. Both of these factors grow through building real-life practice and real-world experience.

In the two-day Influential Presenting program you will:

  • Learn the three presentation styles
  • Learn simple strategies to design your presentation in minutes so you can respond in the critical moments
  • And most importantly, you will present at least 10 times in front of real-people – including on camera.

Gain a noticeable difference in your confidence, performance and influence levels from participating in this two-day event.

Day One: Wednesday 16th January

Day Two: Wednesday 6th  February

International presenter and master coach Geoff McDonald will facilitate this program.

03 9645 4466