Adopting complex ways of working: tools for using systems thinking in practice

Effective policy design, implementation and evaluation requires consideration of the whole, often complex, system. Being able to maintain a view or understanding of the whole is a recognised challenge, often discussed when researching wicked or complex problems.

This masterclass will explore the hopes and realities when developing effective policy responses in complex systems, through the lens of complexity-informed public management. It will provide the latest thinking on how complexity-informed public management can be planned, implemented and evaluated.

The leadership and performance management approaches which will inspire and bring together those from across a policy system are presented and discussed. Delivered by researchers with international reputations in the fields of public management, complexity and leadership it will provide a challenging, interactive and practical masterclass.

We will explore a range of tools used to support the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions designed to shape the structure of complex systems to drive particular outcomes. The masterclass will enable policymakers and practitioners to ask questions like:

  • Design: How can policies most effectively address ongoing and complex problems through targeting specific pattern breaking intervention points?
  • Implementation: How can understanding systems enable the implementation of policies be effectively tailored to the dynamics of particular contexts?
  • Evaluation: How can we assess the systemic impact of particular interventions and their interactions with the contexts in which they are deployed?

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