Tools and skills for policy practitioners

Policy analysis and policy design for effective decision making.

The Tools & Skills for Policy Practitioners two-day workshop provides an immersion into the policy development world for those engaged in, or aspiring to be engaged in, policy advice and production.

The workshop will be delivered by Peter Bridgman (co-author of the highly-acclaimed and longstanding Australian Policy Handbook), and experienced policy professional, Nonie Malone.

See our website for further details and feedback from previous participants.


Topics Covered:

  • Develop new policy skills and build on your existing skills
  • Understand why developing policy advice is hard
  • Come away with new tools and frameworks to improve your analysis
  • Navigate the complex policy environment
  • Distinguish the elements of good policy and learn from policy failure
  • Know how to engage stakeholders effectively
  • See how policy practitioners lead and manage policy
  • Develop confidence in planning and execution for effective implementation and evaluation
  • Explore the interface between research, evidence, analysis, implementation and evaluation
  • Know how to balance control and flexibility to deal with uncertainty

Participants in the last workshop said:

“The workshop lived up to my high expectations (colleagues had recommended this workshop).”

 “Gained a very holistic approach to public policy and how it fits in the government sector.”

 “Much better understanding of questions to be asked; planning processes to be adopted; policy cycle – particularly importance of evaluation. My thinking and work will be much better structured with clear objectives/outcomes.”

 “Gave me a clear understanding of the policy processes in government.”


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