User Centric Service Design for Government 2019

When you put the user at the heart of every service you design, interactions with the government can be simple, efficient and headache-free.

That’s what drives User-Centric Service Design for Government 2019. To empower you to harness the power of user-centric service design to meet every user’s needs and drive efficiency in government services.

User Centric Service Design for Government will bring all levels of government together to build the mindset, skillset, and toolset that create truly accessible services.

You will take away the tools to understand how users interact with your services and improve their experiences.

Interactive case studies will show you how to improve user and customer experiences by fostering a culture of user-centricity and demonstrating the value of service design.

Hear from:

  • Tom Ryan, Principal Policy Officer, Digital Government, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation NSW
  • Lisa Jansen, Service Design Lead, Digital Transformation Agency
  • Jo Mond, Assistant Secretary, Dementia and Supported Ageing, Department of Health
  • Stephanie Salter, Director Future Transport Digital Accelerator, Transport for NSW
  • Michael Karavas, Director, Single Touch Payroll, ATO
  • Cathy Henderson, General Manager, Community, City of Darebin

Take the next step in service design. Empower users to get the most out of Government services.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel: 1 Binara St, Canberra ACT 2601