Contemporary Policy Challenges

Are you a policy stakeholder? Whether you work in government, planning or community activism, this five-day course is for you.

In this short course you’ll learn the latest shifts in policymaking, explore social, political and economic ideas shaping policy at global and national levels. You’ll develop a strong understanding of the ever-shifting world of policymaking and how policy making is used as a framework for analysing and addressing social, political and economic issues on both a global and national level. This course also introduces learners to the challenges confronting contemporary policy making.

In this shot course participants focus on five main concepts:

  • Economic Globalisation and Public Policy
  • Decentralisation and Public Policy
  • Does Politics Matter?
  • Interest Groups and Influence
  • Public Opinion and Public Policy

At the end of this short course participants will be able to conceptualise policy making as a framework, describe, analyse and address social, political and economic issues, catagorise issues that national governments confront, identify national pressures that act on policy makers and influence policy making at the national and sectoral levels.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for professionals working in public policy who want to develop their capacity in policy making, whether working in Local government, the public sector or in NGO’s.