Masterclass: Building Visibility & Influence For Women in the Public Sector

A critical masterclass that enables women in public sector leadership to maximise their influence.

If you’re a leader working in government or with government, this masterclass will help you to lift your influence, voice and profile, and help your teams to do the same.

Facilitated by global experts in helping women leaders strategically and authentically build their visibility to build influence and impact, the masterclass is structured around our three stages of impactful visibility. We will support you towards more effective leadership, unlocking the mindset and practical skills to support more strategic influencing, communication and greater effectiveness, both within organisations and in the outside world. You will walk away clear on your leadership vision and values and hold a deceptively simple but strategic leadership roadmap to better work with or manage your team and take you into the next stage of your career.

While the research shows that women outperform men in most leadership capabilities, they are under-represented in leadership across nearly all levels of government. We want that to change!

Run in partnership with The Mandarin, the program is for mid-level to senior women in the public sector and is for you if you:

  • Want to see better outcomes for your leadership, team or wider department
  • Want to build your strategic influence and leadership capability
  • Want to find new and creative pathways and techniques for navigating hierarchy and gaining buy-in
  • Know your visibility is a critical enabler of your leadership but aren’t sure how to advance your mindset and skills to have more influence
  • Are managing diverse stakeholders and sometimes face conflict within your team or other teams
  • Need to manage up as well as down and want the day-to-day to be more easeful
  • See members of your team struggling to communicate or influence more widely and want to support them
  • Know you’re ready to take the next step in your career, life and impact and need a clear roadmap
  • Feel you need a set of tools, formulas and strategies to manage conflict, challenging behaviours, or being shut down
  • Want to connect with a community of other women in government and private sectors around Australia
  • Want to take your wealth of experience and apply it with more impact to a new role or area of impact
  • Are seeking clarity of focus: knowing your priorities and what’s important
  • Recognise the importance of visibility that’s not about self-promotion but about influence and communication that serves the difference you want to make
  • Want to better manage your energy, self-talk, mindset and relationship with yourself
  • Are yearning to understand the unique importance of your voice in your sphere of influence.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW (also view our information brochure here)

The masterclass will cover the three stages of impactful visibility, over two themed days:


  • Introduction to the Three Pillars of Visibility, with government and public-sector-specific case studies
  • Visibility foundations: visibility audit, values and leadership vision, which in themselves are life-changing for many women
  • Unpacking your visibility mindset: articulating your strengths and challenges


  • Visibility to others + visibility for impact: what is your deeper potential and how do you want to bring it to life?
  • Strategic communications recipe for influence and impact in every setting
  • 4MAT debrief: understanding your learning + communications style (diagnostic to be completed in advance)
  • Creating a visible leader roadmap: your plan for influence and impact
  • 30-day visibility challenge: activating your visible leader roadmap

The two days will comprise a mixture of facilitator led discussions, individual and group work.

*Every participant will receive a year’s subscription to The Mandarin Premium, valued at $440

What others have to say about the Building Visibility and Influence Masterclass

“Very inspiring, experienced, thoughtful and engaging facilitators. The masterclass surpassed my expectations, and I’ve been on many leadership courses. The formula shared for building visibility is something that I can apply professionally and personally and was worth the investment to help me achieve the outcomes I’m working towards.”  – Claire Sullivan

“This masterclass was most useful and practical and would suit both current and emerging leaders who wish to have greater visibility and impact in their environments and beyond.”

“Visibility Co are totally invested in your success as a visible woman leading in the APS. You will walk away with clarity about who you are, how you want to show up, and the steps to confidently put yourself in your own story.” – Kylie Holyland

“I’m so grateful to have experienced this masterclass. It has had a huge impact on my mindset and self belief. I have a renewed energy, focus and sense of calm. Thank you to two inspirational women, Julia and Sarah.”



Early bird pricing starts at $1,895 ex GST

**Masterclass bundles, coaching and group discounts available


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