Webinar: How Leaders Can Build Digital Trust In The Post COVID-19 World

This free multi-session webinar event created by Synergy Group aims to educate leaders in how to build digital trust in a post COVID-19 world. The webinar is focussed on addressing the following themes that are critical for any business leader navigating their organisations digital future; earning trust, communication and digital dependence.

What will you discover?

  • How can we establish digital trust as COVID-19 brings changes to how we work and build the future?
  • How can we transcend the noise and communicate clearly in an ongoing crisis?
  • How can we better understand digital dependence in a hyper-digital environment?


Dr David Schmidtchen – Partner, creativeXpeople

Sally Dorsett – Partner, creativeXpeople

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Tickets details

Ticket Cost: Free with registration


Juliette Taylor




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