Wellbeing, resilience and recharge for Professionals

This workshop covers practical and interactive techniques for developing and maintaining peak performance, wellbeing, recharge and resilience in the increasingly hectic and stressful modern workplace. This event has been expertly designed for professionals from all sectors and also presents a wonderful networking opportunity.

This workshop will cover a range of important topics, such as:

  • An introduction to key concepts relating to stress management and emotional regulation;
  • Techniques for effective emotional self-awareness, including managing common triggers and hot button issues;
  • Methods for dealing with stressful situations, including an understanding of human physiology;
  • Practical guidance on achieving work-life balance and improving well-being to assist work productivity;
  • Techniques for identifying and using signature strengths to build resilience to help deal with difficult circumstances;
  • Proven methods for creating recharge time and working at peak efficiency;
  • Practical and interactive activities relevant to peak performance and well-being in modern workplaces.

This workshop will be delivered virtually using Zoom.

Receive a $50 discount if you register by 31 March 2020.

Tickets details

Ticket Cost: from $220


James Fletcher

0403 687 685

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Delivered online via Zoom