Women in Leadership - Achieving and Flourishing

This executive workshop has been designed by Christine Nixon and Professor Amanda Sinclair to provide a supportive environment to female executives in the public sector to explore and pioneer new ways of doing leadership and management work. The workshop has an explicit focus on female leadership and will encourage participants to share experiences and challenges, to learn from each other and to consider current thinking on women’s leadership.

Not about training women to adapt to traditional leadership models, the aim is to empower women to be role models for humane and people‐centred leadership. The focus is to build both effectiveness and to support women to flourish and enjoy their leadership work.

At the end of the course participants will have:

  • expanded approaches to influencing
  • broadened repertoires for leading and mobilising others
  • explored ways of initiating and building group dialogue to tackle leadership challenges
  • identified practical steps to move forward with specific leadership challenges they are facing
  • shared strategies to deal effectively with personal and professional risk
  • developed techniques to reflect on and influence group behaviour
  • feel empowered to support others and nourish self in leadership

The workshop will offer fresh perspectives on traditional leadership and management issues, including developing resilience, displaying courage, nurturing support and making strategic use of support systems. In an environment of peers, female managers will develop a unique network to explore potential challenges.

Tickets details

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