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Finalised APS Review must be a 'strategic masterpiece' to survive whichever party wins government

Special Feature

If there is a change of government, the questions are, would Labor continue the review, abandon it, or reconstitute it, and where would it lead in terms of policy and legislation? These are questions that the federal opposition isn’t yet in any real position to answer, other than taking a sensible ‘interested observer’ stance. Much might depend on what they find if and when they get into the departments and look at the books.

Housing policy reset is overdue, and not only in Australia

Special Feature

There’s a growing sense that core aspects of the governmental mindset that have underpinned housing policy since the 1980s are long overdue for a rethink. And not just in Australia. Federal and state elections in coming weeks provide a timely moment for Australians to reflect on the increasingly obvious failure of governments to manage the triple crises of inflated property prices, lack of affordable housing for people on low to moderate incomes, and property market volatility.