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Thought Leadership

Is our democracy broken?

While many Australians are still coming to terms with having five Prime Ministers in as many years, what does the future look like for the world’s sixth oldest continuous democracy? Read More

Accountability in an age of democratic disquiet

This is an edited extract from the 2018 Solomon Lecture, delivered by Professor Ken Smith, ANZSOG Dean and CEO, in Brisbane on Monday at the Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland to mark International Right to Information Day (September 28). Read More

Julianne Schultz: what do we want to be when we grow up?

The tone of public discourse has become so aggressive, nit picking and ideological there were few willing to engage. Founding editor of the Griffith Review, Professor Julianne Schultz asks if Australia needs a more mature national conversation, what role does the humanities play in fostering that? Read More