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Thought Leadership


AI was supposed to help this city recruit staff for local kindergartens. Denied transparency, parents compared results to understand the automated decisionmaking

Special Feature

Krzysztof Izdebski, Policy Director at Poland's ePanstwo Foundation, says citizens and decisionmaking officials are deprived when only companies creating tools for public institutions have the full knowledge of the algorithms’ functions. A lack of policies around automated decisionmaking can undermine trust to both public authorities and services they provide to the public.

The role of the Census in improving local area population estimates

Special Feature

Imagine how difficult it would be for local government decisionmakers if they were unable to obtain accurate estimates of their local area populations. Lateral Economics' Gene Tunny, Matt Balmford and Nicholas Gruen take on the major challenge of finding a robust and defensible methodology for calculating the benefits to the Australian people from having more accurate estimated resident population estimates as a result of Census data.