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The government’s biggest challenge? Avoiding a recession

For six months, the Australian economy has been growing at an annualised pace of just 1% – way, way short of its potential. Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg were elected to manage the economy, and that means doing whatever is needed to avoid a recession and the long-term damage to lives and living standards it would deliver. Read More

The last election where anyone cares?

Faith in democracy is plummeting among Australians, and the connection voters had with a leader like Bob Hawke now seems out of reach. Is this the last election where enough people really care? Read More

Movers & shakers: fresh faces at APSC

Four fresh senior executive faces at the APSC, Regional Development Victoria's first female CEO, and a new Public Access Deputy Commissioner. The latest senior public sector appointments from across the country. Read More

Lessons from the Hawke and Howard years of Australian governance

In politics, you sign up to a struggle on behalf of those you claim to represent. You owe them everything you can manage to stitch together to achieve victory. If you want to be a grand failure, better to pick religion, philosophy or art. Not politics. So says Nicholas Gruen in this reposting of his 2008 article on Bob Hawke. Read More