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New Zealand

ATO’s anti-fraud squad knows the type who think they won’t get caught

It's not just flashy crims that anti-fraud investigators are watching. The risk of the trusted insider — officials rationalising bad behaviour by a self-assessment of being underpaid and undervalued, or seeking to protect others — is very real, yet the ATO has a very low rate of malfeasance. That's down to a solid corruption control plan. Read More

Cabinet’s sacred text updated

The federal government's Cabinet handbook has been updated, providing guidance for public servants, staffers and ministers alike on everything from who's allowed in the room to the "strict" timelines for submissions. Read More

Andrew Kibblewhite: the E-I-E-I-O of people-centred policy

Instead of thinking that any one new method of policymaking will be the silver bullet, the public service needs to build a more sophisticated toolkit and a multi-disciplinary approach to policy challenges, says NZ's top mandarin. Andrew Kibblewhite explores four capabilities and how they fit into people-centred policy. Read More