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Lawyers, guns, money – and politics, part 3

The third article in a three-part series on the formulation of Australia’s firearms policy; the power of pro-gun interests has the potential to pervert our political conversation the way it has done in the US. In Australia, cool heads must prevail. Read More

What key quality should Australia’s next PM have?

There are many characteristics of political leadership – strength, courage, wisdom, vision, judgment, responsiveness. All are elusive, difficult to describe in the abstract, and turn on the historical and social context in which leadership is exercised. So, how should some of these characteristics be demonstrated in contemporary Australia? Read More

More former mandarins put the squeeze on the Thodey review

Two former public service commissioners walk into a bar. Well, not a bar, but a Canberra restaurant. There, a number of distinguished former mandarins and other assorted lunch companions unanimously delegate them to respond to the Thodey review’s interim report... The latest from Verona Burgess. Read More