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Gary Sturgess: a middle way for contestability

ANZSOG's Professor Gary Sturgess has written a paper making the case for contestability. The word has come to mean many different things, as synonym for "competition" or a soft alternative to "outsourcing", but the former mandarin says the concept is much richer than that. Read More

Charities regulator reprieve a call to get back to work

The cautionary examples of charities regulators in the UK and NZ show the ACNC's stay of execution is no licence to relax. Fulfilling its purpose by cutting red tape, being a helpful source of advice and using the big stick only when it has to should see it survive the storm, writes Centre for Independent Studies policy analyst Helen Andrews. Read More

Digital transformation kickstart: Turnbull brings in US star

It aims to be a 500-day digital sprint, instead of a slog, as the Digital Transformation Office launches this week. A star performer has been brought in from the Obama administration, former US government CIO Vivek Kundra, to inspire the APS200 to digitally transform the way government interacts with citizens. Read More

Accelerating the digital transformation of government

Australia may not be a "laggard" in the digital space, but the DTO could be the best opportunity we have had in a long time to reset and re-imagine the business model of the digital age. The key to unlocking productivity growth and increasing global competitiveness rests in how the DTO pulls off its "start-up" approach. Read More