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The Juice: public sector news from The Mandarin


‘Computer says no’ not good enough, warns Ombudsman Policy should dictate automated processes and not the other way around, the Commonwealth Ombudsman has warned Canberra, following a review of Centrelink's income management measure.

‘Constructive subversion’: turning off workplace autopilot Unthinking custom and practice is the enemy of innovation, and unless questioned, will maintain the status quo. Ethics Centre chief Simon Longstaff explains how constructive subversion can help public sector leaders shake things up.

‘A safe environment to fail’: when secretaries go to school What happens when departmental secretaries go back to school? The Victorian Leadership Development Centre has pioneered on-the-job training for our top mandarins in Australia.


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‘A wonderful experience’: Ian Watt’s goodbye to colleagues The outgoing head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet says he's moving on, but not retiring. In a letter to colleagues, Ian Watt says he has a book in his future.