ANZSOG was established with the vision of creating a world-leading educational institution that teaches strategic management and high-level policy to public sector leaders. Formed by a consortium of governments, universities and business schools from Australia and New Zealand, the School is also home to a substantial research program that aims to deepen government, community and academic understanding of public administration, policy and management. The initial vision for the School is now a reality and ANZSOG is developing a broader role as a trusted facilitator that helps governments find solutions to real-world public issues.

Indigenous leaders navigate two worlds

Emerging Indigenous leaders working in community development and management are developing an emerging style of leadership which has its own distinctive attributes. These leaders are… Read More

A primer on co-production and innovation

Co-production, co-design, co-creation – these terms are used interchangeably but all have distinct meanings. This brief provides a primer on co-production and how it can be used to stimulate innovation in public services. Read More