Melbourne School of Government

The Melbourne School of Government is a dynamic, interdisciplinary initiative which combines the knowledge and expert teaching from three of the University of Melbourne’s most prestigious graduate schools. Drawing on the expertise of leading academics in law, business and economics, and politics, the Melbourne School of Government inspires and equips students to make a real difference on a global scale. The Melbourne School of Government brings together University experts with politicians, industry leaders and civil society organisations, to create opportunities for ideas, disciplinary expertise and leadership to combine to generate actionable solutions to contemporary problems. In this way, the Melbourne School of Government aspires to improve the capacity of decision‑makers to build shared futures in response to global challenges and public governance dilemmas.

  • Your fellow students and course flexibility

    Tom Burton: Who would be the typical sort of person who would be attracted to this program? Where do you think your sweet spot is in terms of the sort of candidates who should be thinking about this type of arrangement? Janine O’Flynn: One of the things to say from the start is that none [...]
  • Career agility

    Tom Burton: The very model assumes a dynamic arrangement between the sectors; government, community, commercial — are you seeing that in the types of students that are coming to you? Janine O’Flynn: Absolutely. Our first cohort has students from three sectors. We have students now joining us as the program develops from across the world. [...]
  • Leadership and the Melbourne MPA

    Tom Burton: All obviously sounds like it’s about leadership, I suppose, is the proposition. Can we unpack that proposition of how you think about leadership in this program? Janine O’Flynn: Yes. For us, it’s in essence… one of the key parts of the program is about training our future leaders, in part, but also offering [...]
  • Measuring success and reform challenge

    Tom Burton: Historically, the public sector hasn’t been as strong as it should be around that. If you’re thinking about its data sets and how it measures all these, or how it actually gathers the intelligence to be able to make that insight, that says, gee we’re succeeding here, on that proposition? Janine O’Flynn: I [...]
  • Organisation, execution and performance challenges

    Tom Burton: This is the organisational challenge. This is one of your key themes, isn’t it? Janine O’Flynn: Yeah, once we think about strategy — what is it that we’re going to do, and how we’re going to do it — and we recognize these different types of organisational, jurisdictional knowledge boundaries, then how do [...]
  • Strategy and boundary challenges

    In the first of a six-part series, Leadership in 21st Century Public Management, Tom Burton talks with Janine O’Flynn, professor of Public Management, and the Director of the Master’s of Public Administration at the Melbourne School of Government.