John Caligari

Defence secretary asks for SES, EL2 voluntary redundancies

Department of Defence secretary Dennis Richardson has emailed all senior executives seeking voluntary redundancies from SES Band 3 to EL 2. Bands 1-3 were asked to discuss this request with their EL 2s this week. No target number was announced at this stage. John Caligari The "One Defence" restructure, based on the department's First Principles Review, flagged significant cuts into senior management. These included a "Three Star" on the ADF side, several top APS positions, and almost an entire level of general managers from the organisational chart of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), which became Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). The highly popular boss of Defence's Capability Development Group (CDG), Lieutenant General John Caligari, was quickly identified as the ADF Three Star departure, but no announcement has been made about specific APS departures, other than the general managers of DMO. Read More