Kim Beazley

Lawyers, guns, money – and politics, part 3

The third article in a three-part series on the formulation of Australia’s firearms policy; the power of pro-gun interests has the potential to pervert our political conversation the way it has done in the US. In Australia, cool heads must prevail. Read More

Kim Beazley: making the Trump administration work for Australia

Australia's policy interests with the United States are already stabilising, despite what the commentariat suggest about state of the alliance, says former Ambassador to Washington Kim Beazley. Trump's lack of policy nous can be a positive, if the PM can engage him in meaningful dialogue. Read More

Whither the alliance under President Trump?

An optimistic Malcolm Turnbull seems to be the only one who believes international relations under Trump will be business as usual. It's anyone's guess what US foreign policy will look like, but there are plenty of risks for Australia. Read More