Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas Gruen is CEO of Lateral Economics. He's an economist, a consultant, a commentator and a former adviser to the federal government.

What is a ‘policy hack’?

New ways of looking at our complex world can lead to policy hacks with clear and easily identifiable benefits. But do they stand apart from politically-driven reforms? Read More

Nicholas Gruen: against strategy

Not having enough time to talk strategy is a common gripe for organisations. Even when they do get the chance, it's often unproductive or ignored by employees. What's going on here? Read More

Detoxing Democracy 3: bringing citizen deliberation into government administration

DETOXING DEMOCRACY: Citizen deliberation is a powerful tool for legitimisation, but can it become institutionalised? Just as Yarra Valley Water consulted its community in a way that encouraged their close deliberation on the issues, agencies could cultivate councils of people reflective of community makeup for ongoing capacity to reflect community deliberation. Read More