Paul Shetler

Paul Shetler: transformation or transition?

Waiting any longer to embrace the change driven by the digital economy means facing a future of irrelevance in the ordinary lives of Australia's future citizens. Survival will mean redesigning their internal structure, tackling the 'triangle of despair', and having the political will to transform themselves, even where it’s painful. Read More

Tom Burton: Slater’s digital challenges

The new CEO of the Digital Transformation Agency, Gavin Slater, arrives in Canberra, to lead the Federal government's $10 billion transformation agenda. He has a mandate to stop building new sites and instead strategically lead the reformation of the notorious legacy systems that have till now stymied the digital transformation program. Read More

Paul Shetler: change, not ‘change management’

There is no magical one-step solution for digital transformation, but it does require decisive, sustained action. Paul Shetler explores how established organisations fall into traps along the way, and where attention needs to focus to achieve lasting change. Read More

Radical simplification for DTA agenda

The Digital Transformation Agency has been given teeth. Its first roadmap culls 22 projects down to just five and reveals the biggest shift in decades in how tech is procured and delivered. Read More

Where next for digital transformation in government?

Paul Shetler gave Canberra a kick-start to embrace not just digital but the 'customer-first' approach. After Shetler, the DTA will move from outside disrupter to inside supporter, but with vision could still be powerfully transformative. Read More