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Communications & Technology

Result 10 bringing better outcomes for New Zealanders

New Zealand is three years into its digital transformation agenda, with "Result 10" — solving the pain points in digital government services — and their online authentication system, RealMe, changing how the country supports citizens' major life events, starting from birth. Project lead Richard Foy says they're on track for 70% digital uptake by 2017. Read More

Australia unconvinced by digital service advantages

Australia is still a country digitally divided according to the first survey commissioned by the Digital Transformation Office, with half the public not yet warming to the idea of all government services going digital. But for those who do prefer digital, an expectations baseline has now been set that puts the APS on notice for the first progress report later this year. Read More

DTO to make creating APIs mandatory for federal agencies

The benefits of ubiquitous APIs for new government services could be profound for the burgeoning start-up culture in Australia. But there are considerable challenges if the Digital Transformation Office can pull off that mandate, writes government technology consultant Craig Thomler. Read More

What can Centrelink learn from a pizza retailer?

The Department of Human Services is aiming to approach digital customer service like a bank -- or Domino's pizza -- revealed the man leading an overhaul of Australia's welfare payment system. It begins with not keeping the customer in the dark. Read More

Where next will ABC’s digital strategy lead?

The closures of ABC Shop retail outlets was followed by a wave of negative public reaction, but like the rest of the nation, the ABC moving increasingly online. Whether the ABC can ask users to pay for these new offerings will test its public service values, writes Jonathon Hutchinson. Read More