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Economy & Industry

US vs EU: antitrust, data, and privacy policy

Is EU consumer law protections the real champion for the public in smaller nations like Australia? And should United States law be discounted entirely? Catch up as half a dozen Nobel laureates in economics discuss antitrust, data and privacy policy. Read More

Is government prepared for the analytics economy?

The volume of data government generates, collects, exchanges and analyses is going through the roof. So what does it take to create a sound governance model that not only meets public expectations but can still glean useful context, intelligence and solid evidence to power effective policy? Read More

The Everests that women will still conquer

As Australia prepares to host the Global Summit of Women – dubbed the “Davos for women” – what do policymakers still need to know about the advancing women’s opportunities? Irene Natividad shares her leadership lessons. Read More

Randomistas: how radical researchers changed our world

Randomised trials are in your life, whether you like it or not. In most advanced countries, governments won’t pay for pharmaceuticals unless they’ve undergone a randomised evaluation. Increasingly, the world’s smartest aid agencies are looking for the same level of evidence before they allocate funds to a project. Read More