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How do young Australians see violence against women?

Young Australians, particularly young men, don’t fully understand sexual consent. We need to continue to push for gender equality to change the harmful attitudes and behaviours that are hurting our young people and help put a stop to gendered violence. Read More

Why housing is a major public health issue for Australians with disability

People with disabilities are at much greater risk of living in unaffordable housing where the cost of keeping a roof over their heads can only be met by reducing spending on other essentials like food and health care. As a result they face a higher risk of homelessness, prompting concerns about a disability housing crisis in Australia. Read More

Lawyers, guns, money – and politics, part 3

The third article in a three-part series on the formulation of Australia’s firearms policy; the power of pro-gun interests has the potential to pervert our political conversation the way it has done in the US. In Australia, cool heads must prevail. Read More