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Nicholas Gruen: Care—the essay

Our culture is awash with abstraction, universalism and instrumentalism, and as such is desperately in need of balancing with precisely the kind of thing that the ethics of care can offer. Here are some introductory reflections. Read More

Protecting the world from the threat of pandemics

With the increase of global travel and trade, new infections can spread rapidly across countries and continents. The need to prepare pandemic response plans that are both flexible and scalable is an urgent challenge for policy-makers and practitioners. Read More

Backing the strengths of Aboriginal young people

For Aboriginal people, connection to our country, culture and family can be profoundly healing. But in the many decades we’ve spent working to improve the health of Australia’s first peoples - it’s a strength that has too often been ignored and squandered. Read More

Tom Burton: government is about to change, big time

The new digital strategy promises to cut through a century of federalism gridlock, offering to overhaul a suite of complex multi-jurisdictional life events that could fuel major economy-wide changes across the many domains governments operate in. Read More