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Security & Justice

Rising public pressure for greater government transparency

Establishing greater openness and transparency into the activities of government will build public trust, create economic opportunities, and support better decision-making. Intermedium’s white paper discusses the challenges agencies face and examines how technology can reduce the costs and complexity associated with open government. Read More

Podcast: Australia’s new intelligence jigsaw

The restructuring of Australia's intelligence and security agencies, first announced last year following an extensive review, has been anything but smooth. Will Australia see a much-needed centralisation of intelligence, or is the change trying to fix a system that’s not broken? Read More

Why Azure is a gamechanger for government

Agencies have for years played on the margins of cloud, only to find choices and progress constrained amid concerns over security, sovereignty, governance and resilience. Microsoft Azure’s launch for government coupled with its official ASD rating as a ‘Protected’ level provider changes that -- big time. Read More

Outsourcing accountability?

Cost driven outsourcing may shift responsibility but doesn't shift accountability. Former Victorian privacy commissioner David Watts looks at the recent Defence contractor cyber breach and how the shaping the narrative has overtaken more rigorous security governance. Read More