Special Reports

The struggle to maintain Australia’s cybersecurity

Government entities and private organisations are under increasing attack from organised criminals, state-based actors and others wanting to inflict digital chaos. This special report looks at the state of cybersecurity in Australia, the industries that are most vulnerable to cyber threats and how authorities are trying to find people with the skills to combat future attacks. The cybersecurity challenge is immense, but it's a battle Australia must win.
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How technology and the pandemic have changed the workplace for good

With employees now demanding greater flexibility to work from home, both the private and public sectors will need to be adaptable and willing to listen to these needs. This special report looks at many of the factors driving change in our workplaces, and what will become of our cities once offices evolve into spaces where we meet rather than work. Our future work journey promises to be an exciting ride.
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Inside Defence, opportunities, challenges and new pacts

The defence industry is big business and big news. As controversial as it is important. It also happens to be the Federal Government’s number one priority in the midst of growing geopolitical uncertainties. Important enough to upset some friends while shoring up others in an effort to help secure the nation and the region it is located.
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