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Effective procurement in the public sector

Effective procurement in the public sector

All modern public service departments and agencies must focus on outcomes

So when it comes to procurement, public servants are expected to deliver citizens better value for money than ever while providing goods and services that satisfy government’s social contract.

Meanwhile, they’re confronted with global supply-line difficulties, government budgetary pressures and an inflationary environment. 

How do public servants at every level make wiser and more sustainable, cost-effective buying decisions, and what impact will these choices have on private companies that supply them?

We explore various procurement issues, from probity to the art of the deal to Defence buying strategies. 

There’s also an analysis of how government plans to work more effectively with SMEs and First Nations businesses.

This special report consists of a series of related articles. Please click on the story links below.

social procurement approvals
Governments have the opportunity to leverage their buying power to improve environmental and socio-economic outcomes.
Changes to federal procurement rules aim to give SMEs and First Nations businesses a better chance of success in public sector tenders.
defence procurement
Defence procurement needs to be incremental, continuous and rapid. It means thinking differently, changing the rules, or even easing them.
Procurement auditing: there are times when the best way to learn best procurement practices is by understanding others’ mistakes. 
sustainability in procurement
Governments have established criteria to ensure procurement decisions reflect community standards regarding probity, ethics and the economic, social and environmental costs of transactions.
procurement deal-making
Competition is key but tendering isn’t always the only way to achieve it. Think strategically about how to create the deal you want.
procurement challenges
Government departments and businesses will need to adopt more strategic approaches to deal with current and future procurement challenges.